Thoughts On The First Presidential Debate

I watched the first debate live last night and it was crazy, funny, ridiculous and entertaining. Very interesting questions and answers which makes you think. The whole time I was screaming through the my computer saying “say this, say that. (Lol) Trump is a narcissist person but his comebacks were funny. They were name calling and coming for one another like it was nothing. Trump was talking over the mediator every time and was called out because of it.

They were asked about health care, covid, racists, and other stuff that caused them to argue. When asked about health care, they have the own opinions Obama Care. Trump said he had a plan and actually succeeded in a plan for better health care but they said he didn’t. Joe Biden said the plan was only for families that were so poor that had medicaid. Trump kept interrupting that Joe told him to shut up. Another topic was Covid. I was waiting for this topic because the situation is so bad. Joe blamed Trump for knowing and not doing anything in February saying that Trump panicked. Trump couldn’t wait to blame China on live television like he always do. He says he handled the situation but I don’t think so.

They were even asked about white supremacists and racism and of course Trump didn’t know what to say. He always walks around the topic white supremacists and it’s sad. He still says he isn’t one, then why can’t he talk about it. During the debate Joe Biden came for Trump for calling soldiers losers and Trump came back by saying how Joe’s son was discharged and that his father gave him that job. Geez, I wanted Joe to say how Trump literally gave his family jobs. I was so mad during that part. This debate was so crazy that I felt like I was debating in between them.

There was a question asking what they would do to make changes in the future and I was curious because Joe Biden plan sounded so unrealistic. I am all for Joe but he proposed 100 trillion dollars to create 4 million building for more jobs, more electric efficient for global warming. I was like what! Is that even possible. That’s a lot of money that don’t sound realistic but he does have a good plan, I just didn’t think it was realistic. Trump also said it was ridiculous and it was funny. This debate is so entertaining and I can’t wait until the next one.

2020 Presidential Debate

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