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1 Million Covid Deaths: Moment of Silence

Wow, literally no words even though I am talking about it. Why did it have to get this bad? I looked at the covid tracker two days ago and the number of deaths were at 990,000. I knew this big number was coming but you never want it to come. This is so sad and wrong. One million is such a huge number! That is so many people, omg. We are almost at 35 million cases so I pray they develop a working vaccine soon. I don’t even think I have the right to complain about anything right now. It’s like there are people literally at this moment dying from something that they didn’t ask for. While this is happening, there are people that are partying, going to bars and thinking it’s a joke. (Fools)

Yes, we do have to move on but you don’t move on so fast until it is clear enough. I always hear people say, well this is the second wave. No, it’s not. I think of them as waves because people keep getting sick. I guess you should call every holiday a wave because that is when people act like they have to go out. I am slowly starting to hate humans. No offense but I just keep getting pissed off and they not helping. If everything was ok then we would be able to do everything freely but we can’t. If you are still with a mask which everyone is then we are not ok. That doesn’t mean go all out because there are people who wish they knew better or been safer.

One Million Deaths. That is…something. To think one million people actually lost their lives from something that could have been prevented last year is just sad. I hope China feels bad. I can’t help but blame them. It’s been a while since I have but I knew that I was gonna be writing this post one day. I just didn’t think it would have been so soon. Rest in peace to everyone who lost their lives and the families who couldn’t be by their sides. No one should have to die without family but they did. I am just at a loss of words. It hurts.

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