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All Lives Matter: Yes, But Some More Than Others

Ever since the Black Lives Matter protest have been happening, there have been many people protesting as well saying “All Lives Matter”. It has not been taken the right way with the black people including myself. There is a simple reason why you shouldn’t walk around with that sign saying in a black lives matter protest. First, if your not black and you are shouting “All lives matter” then just stop. You are right, all lives do matter but this isn’t about you. You aren’t the one who is constantly getting killed for doing nothing or doing the right thing. These all lives matter signs have been coming out ever since people started looting and rioting. You can’t blame people for rioting when nothing is getting fixed.

People who were standing with those signs at the black lives matter protests were getting attacked by black people. I don’t agree with attacking them but how dare you have that sign at this crucial moment. In that case, they should have been standing in front of the police or the white house with those signs. Wrong place and definitely the wrong time. I don’t think people realize what is going on unless you are black (not all black folks). History tells it all and everything our ancestors have been put through. What they fought for and getting killed for something they believed in. Getting hunted like animals by the Ku Klux Klan and getting dismembered and lynched. It’s all too much but you can never forget.

This ongoing war against black and white people will be going on forever because they can’t stand that black people have a voice and don’t agree. African Americans are the only ones who constantly go against white people and authority. You kill our people then we won’t be silenced. That is how it should be with every race. If I am being honest, every race has something against white people but I will save that for another post because it’s too much to talk about. I understand people were hurt saying “All lives matter” just to be attacked but you should have went somewhere else with those signs because it’s not about you especially if you are white.

There is so much negative energy this year and it isn’t going away. If you felt or still feel like these protests are useless then you should stay home and not watch TV because that means that it’s not about you. There are so many people who don’t like to talk about what’s going on and it triggers me so much. Especially if they are black. I hate people who act like nothing is wrong because they are blind. They only focus on now but you can’t look pass any of this because everything is real. A little too real but it woke my eyes and I see very clear now. This is a reason I can’t look ahead because we have too many obstacles to get through plus covid. I am not even gonna apologize if this sounded harsh because it’s the truth. Yes, all lives matter but because of the history in America and African Countries, Black Live Matter More.

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