Why Most Women Prefer Older Men Rather Than Younger Men

Men in general have various personalities which attract women. The main difference between older and younger guys are their maturity levels. Older men are more mature and have their lives together. They are so much more charming, well to me at least. It’s kind of crazy that so many young women want older men but that is because they feel more comfortable. You can see why there are some girls who have many relationships with younger guys that are not serious but then end up settling with someone who is older. Older men want serious relationships and that is what I like. I want an older guy because I would feel more comfortable and plus they look good. (lol)

The definition of older is different for many. My definition is a male who is about ten years older than me or someone who is between thirty and forty. Now, I probably wouldn’t date anyone in their forties at this moment but thirties is ok. I don’t think it’s weird but I do find something weird. Why do older men want younger women? Women want a good stable relationship in general but there are some men who don’t care and just prefer younger women or to cheat. They act like they can’t grow old with one woman and just wanna have fun until they are old. That’s is why you see sugar daddy’s.

I am not judging anyone because you have to do what you have to do. I don’t agree with young women dating seventy or eighty year olds because it’s gross. No offense, but think about if that was your father and your stepmother is younger than you. Uhh no thanks. Not just that but people would automatically think it’s for the money. It’s crazy that there are huge age differences like that but it happens. There are many love stories with ages of all kind. I know that I am going on long about older men but lets get into the juicy stuff called “younger guys”.

Young couples are cute especially when you see high school and college sweet hearts. It’s cute when you see a relationship workout and last. My personal thought on younger guys is that most of them are childish and not serious. Funny because I am young but men and women are different. Younger guys are good to look at and there are so many that actually want relationships. Now I am talking early twenties, just so you don’t get me wrong. (lol) In college, you see many couples but you also see a lot of child play. Drunk college guys aren’t attractive to me and hopefully not to you. You don’t want guys who drinks and have tempers but who am I to distinguish because that can be the same for older guys. I think I am bias because I like older men.


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