Boarding School From Hell *Real Lifetime Movie*

Everything that happens in the south sounds like a movie if I can be honest. The reason is because the incidents are always far out in a small town where nobody knows or can hear anything. A man named “Boyd Householder” ran a religious boarding school called “circle of hope girls” for troubled young girls. This was in a small town of 1,000 in a rural area of Missouri. I guess parents would say, forget a juvenile detention center, just send them to get Jesus in their lives in the middle of nowhere. Little did they know, that was not the case. Now this man has a whole family which is why his wife is also apart of this problem. Let’s just say there is a lot, and I mean a lot of things in this case. Her name is “Stephanie Householder“. I am talking about abuse, rape, chained up, starvation, restraints, eating and lying in their own vomit and so much more. Woah, I am tired just by typing that. That’s not even the worse part. The sad part of it all is that the girls were young as the age of six years old. No offense but if you cannot control your six year old then that is your problem and parenting style.

Vietnam War Veteran, Boyd Householder, yes veteran meaning he probably, uh no he has a temper. This man took a lot of anger out on these young girls and I don’t understand why his wife would not stop it. Oh wait that’s right, she was helping him. They would starve children if they were over weight and beat them. A young girl told what her first night was like. She said that she was forced to eat a bologna sandwich which she ended up vomiting from because of a medical condition. Due to the vomit, they restrained her in her own vomit. She was sixteen year old. (Pause) Now that… is some sick shit. You don’t hear stuff like that ever. I would have vomited and leaned on them purposely.(lol) Based on the pictures, the man and his wife looked like all the girls could take them on but i’m not gonna try to be funny. I’m just saying, there were more girls that those two people. They look old. If only people thought like me but I get it. They were young children and didn’t know any better.

A lot of questions come to mind when reading this. How did this come about? Why didn’t they run? Why didn’t they kill them? What do the parents feel? A lot of unanswered questions is what it is. Many parents were trying to report them but nothing happened. Ironic huh, after sending their children to that hell of a place, they feel bad now. They threw and paid their children to go to that place to “fix them” but ended up getting something else. How can someone do that even if it’s their child. I know children are bad but the girls were very young and didn’t deserve to be put through all of that. I feel resentment coming if it’s not already there.

After Boyd Householder’s daughter Amanda Householder witnessed what was going on, she wanted to help because nothing was getting done. She did it and turned to tik tok and the views reach over 33 million. At least people saw what was going on. Thankfully the place closed but those people were not arrested. They just shut down and she said she fear that they will open another one. I am so done with the systems nowadays. The stuff that I wrote about sounded like there was so much evidence but I guess not. One girl lost 40 pounds from being starved for two months. Like how!!! A girl was forced to drink her vomit. Multiple girls were raped by this disgusting pedophile and his wife knew it. She is just as disgusting as him. They are a disgrace and deserve to be in prison forever and shame on all the parents for taking those girls there. They can say they wanted to get help but the reasons were so stupid. Seriously, talking back, drugs and other stuff. I get the drugs but throw them in juvenile or something. If you dropped your child off at a religious prison for talking back then shame on you. Also, shame on all those people who couldn’t help like social services or the board of education. I swear this is a lifetime movie. This is too much, even for me.


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