Having Sex While Having Dorm Mates

I will be saying some things but also telling a funny story at the same time with this topic. Having roommates in college can be fun, entertaining, weird or just bad all together. Since being in college, I have had the opportunity to witness a lot of different roommates. Some weird and some that are now close friends. The school I was in had two type of dorms which were double or single rooms. I was a sophomore so I had to get a double room because the singles were all taken. The rooms have two beds two big closets and a sink area. We shared a Jack and Jill bathroom with two other girls in the next room. You can kinda say that those girls were also our roommates because we shared bathrooms. We sometimes even left both bathroom doors open and went into each other rooms because that’s how close we were.

There was a girl I was close friends with in that room and she was known to bring her boyfriend a lot who went to another school. She would sneak him in and they would have sex very loud (lol). My roommate and I thought it was funny so we just left and went to a common area for a while because we didn’t want to hear it. There was one problem and that was, the girl had a roommate. She came to us and was like “are you serious” lol. We just looked and was like, we know. I would have hated to have a bed in that room because you can’t just sit there. It’s weird.

I don’t know how people get it done in the dorms while having roommates. I am pretty sure they have some codes but the funniest part of that situation is that the windows don’t open. Uhh, I was like “she better not open the bathroom door because that smell or whatever will get into our room. Her roommate was the most pissed as she should be because it’s also her room but it also went a little too far the next day. The roommate started telling everyone basically spreading rumors. That is some high school stuff.

I felt so bad so for the girl because I was close to her. She came to me and said people were looking at her weird laughing. I knew what she was talking about because her roommate told her cousin and that is how it got out. I didn’t think the situation was serious because they just had sex. Why do people make things worse than they already are. She should have just waited and then talked it out with her roommate rather than embarrassing her.

This is the reason, having single dorms are better. Where we were, you can have single dorm if you are fast enough to pick one and pay the extra money. That is why I stayed in a single dorm until I transferred and I still have my own room. I am currently sharing a living room area and a bathroom with another girl now but we have our own rooms across from one another. That is why I don’t care what happens because there is a 99% chance that I will have my earphones in. I can’t hear anything with them in. (lol)

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