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Why Is Vegan Food More Expensive

This is the biggest mystery in food business. Well for me at least. Everything that is good for you is way more expensive than the stuff that is bad for you. Wouldn’t it be better to have healthy food cheaper so that more people would eat it. The best example is mac and cheese. I went to Walmart shopping for groceries as I always do and I was searching for mac and cheese. I didn’t even know they sold vegan mac and cheese. The brand was called Annie’s. It’s the only one I saw and the price was way more than everything else. It was $6 for four small microwavable cups. What took the cake is that the normal mac and cheese cups were $3 for a pack, more or less. No other mac and cheese was that price. What!

I am already on a budget in college being a broke student already and they don’t make it easier. It’s ridiculous but that is not it at all. It’s every where and even buying food at whole foods is very expensive. It’s expensive but I would rather shop there than Walmart. There are many items like meat substitutes that are also expensive. These take the cake because they are small packages with barely anything in them. If you go to Walmart and Kroger then you will or have seen the section for vegetarians in the frozen section. They have all kinds of plant based foods, vegetarian vegan and dairy free products. The only bad thing is that they are extremely expensive.

There are plant based corn dogs that are very good but they are almost $5 dollars for four small corn dogs. That is very different than the freaking 20 corn dogs you get for $3 dollars. Another is the meat substitutes. Oh my god, every meat substitute is around $4-$5 and it’s so annoying. They are small bags so you will have to buy multiple bags. They even have vegan burgers for $4-$5 for three or four of them. I can’t afford to keep doing that which is why I found different ways to cook using different things. For example using chick peas, black beans and mushrooms to make veggie burgers.

I don’t understand why vegan, vegetarian and plant based foods are expensive. It’s not fair and an injustice. Some people would say “don’t be a vegan then”. How about you eat less bad food then and try to eat vegan. This is really a problem because being allergic to so many thing, I have to buy these things to eat. Even dairy free ice cream is expensive. I saw a dairy ice cream made with avocado for $7. I bought it and loved it but I am not buying that again because it’s too expensive. It’s just ice cream. Avocados aren’t even $7 dollars. It’s like they are punishing us for not eating other items.

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