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Is It Better To Use Your College Gym or Exercise On Your Own

Long story short, it is better to exercise on your own ground. Due to covid and having to be more safe, you don’t want to risk it in a public place. Of course, you have to go through social distance training and wearing masks but it’s not worth it. You can easily exercise in your dorm or outside. Go running in the morning because it’s cooler in the morning time and it’s quiet. You want to exercise but at the same time, safety should be your first priority.

Colleges have thousands of students staying on campus and many people use the gym. When you see that cases are still rising, why would you got to a spot where you are in a high risk. The best situation is to exercise alone so that you can be focused and not have someone tell you to stay six feet apart because it gets annoying. There are many at home exercises you can do like running in place, jumping jacks, pushups, sit ups, planks and so many more. Without the weight section of the gym, you can do everything else outside of the gym.

The whole point is to enjoy what you are doing while exercising but being safe at the same time. If you wanna go to the gym, with all means go. I can’t stop you but just be careful. With different people touching everything, just make sure to clean everything off before using it. The virus is still here so don’t go in there with your radar off because you will become vulnerable.

California Gym: Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN

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