*Warning* Compton Shooting On Police Officers: Was It Wrong?

This is starting, my bad I mean this has already gotten out of hand. There have been so may shootings this one year than probably ever before. In Compton, two rookie cops were shot. I say rookie because they just got out of the academy. There was a video of a black male who ran up to the window, fired at the window, shot the gun a couple of times and ran away. Without running away, that sounds similar to everything the police have been doing to innocent black people. They want the public to help but that’s not the way. I say that isn’t the way because of what has been going on. You have the audacity to ask the public for help to find who shot these “cops” after the police killed so many. AKA, Breonna Taylor who was shot 22 times after busting into her house, not even looking for her. George Floyd, who was killed begging for his life. Ahmuad who was killed by white racists disgustingly. How dare you! The only difference is that those two police officers are still alive. He didn’t just stand there and keep shooting like “others” did.

It may sound like I agree but I can’t even say if I do or don’t. The only thing is that I hate that it was innocent officers. A female and a male. They made the title soooo descriptive saying she was a mother of a six year old, I guess trying to get support but other people who died at the hands of police also had children. The video was really graphic with blood on heads and other stuff but I have seen so many police shootings. I keep referring back to the police shootings because I just don’t understand. They would go out of their way to find someone who shoots a cop but won’t arrest a cop if he kills illegally. It doesn’t make sense. They sound stupid asking for help.

Im only surprised that he actually had the guts to go up to a police car. It would have been different if he went up to a officer who was found not guilty for killing an unarmed person. I probably wouldn’t feel anything because you know, “justice”. I kinda don’t feel anything now but I do feel bad because they are just young newbies. The only thing that annoyed me is how they kept referring to her in the articles. “Mother of a six year old boy”. It’s not gonna change anything because those people don’t care. Protesters were seen trying to block them from going to the hospital. They were shouting “let them die”. That is also what a lot of comments said on the shade room. Maybe it’s because of my soft side or the reason of being a human being, I could never shout out loud, let them die. I just can’t. We all know that not all cops are bad but they see black people as a threat and it doesn’t help their situation.

With all the riots, fires to police stations, fighting the police and looting, we have given up on the police. The judicial system is rigged and they don’t care about anyone but themselves. All of this has been going on for too many decades and they are now mad because old times are coming back and they can’t stop it. You shoot an unarmed helpless black person and now you and all your colleagues are dead to us. We get a racist President and no one votes for you. It’s all the same. I am just sick and tired of people thinking they are invincible because they got away with something. They have to live with those deaths on their hands because their going to hell anyways. That the reason, I just be like “go to hell”. They already have their ticket.

So many emotions are happening and I’m not even there. It’s my birthday today and I don’t care. Stuff like this, ruins everything. It’s not the same anymore mainly because we have a virus but it just feels different, enough said. Like I said before, I don’t agree with what happen but I do agree that their should still be justice for those innocent people who were shot by the police. Just like their news article said, this is 100% revenge on police officers. What else would be. He didn’t know them. All I can say is good luck finding him. The man just took his chance and ran with it. “Literally”

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