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Terminating Immigration Protection Right Under Their Noses

What is a free country? A free country is a damn free country! I am so annoyed because of this unlawful government. There is talk, I mean an appeal that has already gotten the green light next year to allow termination of 400,000 Immigrants to be forced to leave this great of a country. (Not so great country) Made by the Trump Administration. These are people who left countries like Haiti, El Salvador, and Sudan because of hurricanes, earthquakes and wars. Basically, unlivable situations. This is unbelievable on their end. Well, not really because they already keep immigrants locked away from their children. Having these people sleep on cold metal in cages like animals. Some country we have here but I guess it’s alright because you know, they aren’t suppose to be here. That is wrong because they came here for help. In that case, they would have stayed where they were already. Also, I am tired of hearing the word immigrant. Damn, were all immigrants.

I can’t believe the federal court actually agreed to that. These people didn’t even agree on anything else he did but this they do. They are a couple of frauds and I don’t care because I didn’t vote nobody in there. I don’t know nor do I care of anyone in that building. They are nobodies to me. People in suits is what they are. The funny part is that they say that there is still hope for these “immigrants”. The hope is that Trump don’t get re-elected and then all would be gone. Like a little rainbow disappearing after a good mist of rain. Yeah right, they sound so… just so. These are innocent people who work and live here legally with protection but the Government can just terminate their protection just like that. That doesn’t sound like a free country to me.

Oh don’t be so sad they say because the Trump Administration has agreed to maintain the protections to at least next November 2021. The good guys…yeah right. I’m not from any those countries but I feel like I am. Like damn, give these people a break. They also say, the government will say when it is safe to return because most have been long passed. Those are poverty filled countries that are in such bad shape and always in the line of destruction. Like seriously, returning someone like a package back to Haiti is just cruel. There is nothing in that country. They get hit every year by a hurricane. Families will also be getting separated because there are many who children were born in America but others weren’t. People who have been here for decades being forced to leave for no good reason.

We all know Trump hate immigrants. You can’t deny it because he has been fighting this ever since he been in office. This man don’t care which still surprises me because of his wife. In that case he should take her green card but probably wouldn’t because he likes Russia. He is so biased, it’s ridiculous. This system is something else, always trying to say they are doing the right thing. Who gives the certain human beings the right to do that to other human beings. Like, who are you? What even are you?

The old men of the trump administration

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