Deported Alive or in Bits: Sexist Centuries to…

Over so many centuries, women have been through a lot. Women have been put through a lot just for wanting to change something or standing up for what is right. It has gotten to the point that men would personally threaten a woman for running against a president. Recently women have been protesting in Belarus for justice. They have a lot of women behind them and that country won’t let a woman be apart of it. Now, that is literally every country because the men don’t want a woman running. They don’t believe a woman could do a better job than a man. They should be careful with their words because a woman had them and they could never! Yes, man is apart of the process but that child comes out of the mother so…..yeah. Enough said.

In Belarus, a female politician was thrown in a van with a bag over her head and driven to the border to be deported. She threw her passport out of the window and was not able to leave. Talk about taking a risk. They said if she didn’t she was be deported alive or in bits. WTF! This isn’t a movie. The things that have been happening today is ridiculous. From death threats, to poisoning, police brutality and riots. That saying “alive or in bits” just sounds like something from a Russian or Italian mafia. The thing that confuses me is how serious people take their job. Why can’t a woman be apart of something big? Why do the powerful men who hide behind security always feel so threatened when a woman is near. They always wanna take out the problem. The problem isn’t us, it’s them.

The female politician in Belarus is now facing 25 years in prison because of nothing. They purposely kidnapped and filed charges against her so that she would be forced to leave that country. They arrested three women who were also going against the leader of that country. There was one woman who wasn’t detained and she was offered a house in the country’s capital by the Poland Prime Minister. I would continue fighting for the others because they did nothing wrong. That country has been arresting a lot women from protesting and it’s not gonna change anything. More women will continue to fight for what they believe in.

On Thursday, the leader of the country maintained the leader. He had his inauguration and has been in power since 1994. That year already says that they need some change. He even states that he don’t blame people for going against him because nobody elected him in. He says “power given is not meant to be taken away”. That says he is not giving his seat up util he unable to do so. The country will remain how it is until something change and it’s sad that people think that way. I would hate to live there but I also hate where I live. I hate “everywhere” right now. Over 100,000 protested against the leader there and I hope they continue.


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