Staying On Campus: Is It Worth It?

There are many pros and cons to staying on campus. A pro is that you can get the on-campus experience. You live with other people or you can be alone. You will end up making nice friendships that will turn into long ones. A con is that staying on campus is very expensive. You will be spending thousands of dollars to stay in a small room which will have some problems. They are not all perfect because many people have lived there before you. Most residence hall have public bathrooms and they can be gross at time. You can also end up hating your roommate. Things can always go wrong when you live with a stranger.

You also have the option to stay in the residence apartments. This would be better option for those who don’t like public bathrooms and don’t like to be around people a lot. It gives you more freedom but technically you are still apart of the university. You have to move out every semester and when things go wrong, you will have to leave. For example, the covid outbreak. The people in the residence apartments also had to leave. I stay in the dorms for upperclassmen and I have one roommate. We each have our own room but share a common area and we have a full bathroom. I am not complaining at all but it is very expensive. I am paying nearly $3,400 a semester. I actually want to move off campus and into my own place and I will explain why.

I have been living on campus for a while and I am tired of paying so much for this. I can get a regular apartment and use my refund to pay for everything. That is what most people in college do anyways. I also removed my meal plan because I am a vegan and can’t eat anything here. That is just more reasons to get my own place with a kitchen. Dorms can also be a hassle if something accidentally mess up. They will charge you for every little thing even if the dorm was in bad condition before.

If you don’t wanna pay a lot and wanna save money then stay off campus. You can be alone or with a roommate but many people don’t like roommates. As someone who always had roommates, I totally understand. If you get a job then staying off campus would get even better. You can work, save and go to school then come back to your place. Also, you won’t have to go back to your family after each break. You can go to your own place. It’s a sense of freedom for first timers as myself. Now, if you like the campus life, meeting new people and other campus activities then staying on campus is for you.

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