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Country of Horror: North Korea Recent Public Execution

Sometimes in life you wonder why people do what they do. To think that there is a place where crimes are carried out by publicly executing someone is disgusting and inhumane. That is some stuff they did back then which should have never happened. Obviously this is not uncommon in North Korea. They have done it multiple times before. They execute in public by making people watch to send a message. They are trying to strike fear in their own people and one man is behind it all. One big man who makes his country fear and praise him. What just happened was ridiculous. I am not even calling it a case because they already carried it out but this is inhumane at all costs. There was a prostitution chain going on in North Korea and the reason it is so bad is because it’s illegal. The crazy part of this is that they would normally give you 3-5 years of hard labor. So why did they execute these people? Why did they have these people publicly executed by the firing squad.

Kim Jon Un was a fan of the university where this was happening which just made everything worst. The women who were given money for something they didn’t know nothing of didn’t get hurt. They were forced to have sex by these pimps and prostitution bosses. They had no idea what their job was because they were just given money, so they went to the police after being forced to has sex. It angered Kim Jon Un so much that he ordered to have six men executed immediately. Now, I am always fighting for women but at the same time, I did not agree with this at all. Why not throw them in prison for life? Of course it wasn’t right but publicly murdered is insane. It’s even said that prostitution is generally accepted and dealt with so why did this go that far. This was his favorite school, maybe that’s why.

The North Korean source says that public executions is a Warning if someone abuse their ranks. Think about the people who are forced to watch. 53 percent of people say they are forced to watch the executions. They must be scared to death. That is why many try to escape but if your caught, you dead. Literally, they are going to kill you. What is this country? Why are they like that? Can’t no one leave, they are forced to do everything, killed publicly, killed if trying to leave and they are watched 24 hours a day. That’s not normal. Those leaders are sick and I don’t care if that’s their tradition. It’s a scary one and they have the audacity to have certain religions. It sounds like their leader feels like he is god and he’s not. He is a evil man who is not right in the head. How can someone has so much mind control?

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