Should You Be Worried This Weekend: Labor day

Yes! Yes! Yes! For the love of god yes! Labor Day weekend is starting and there is still Covid. This didn’t just leave like I thought it was. It stayed, and it grew without a warning. Take that back because we had many warnings. We do not need a repeat of Memorial Day. Oh my god, that was awful because so many people partied and ended up getting Covid. That is what happens when you don’t listen. It’s too much of a risk to even think about partying or traveling. I swear on everything, I don’t understand how people are still traveling. Are you guys slow? Is something not clicking in your heads. Yes, we want things back to normal but you can’t think about normal until you get past this obstacle. Partying and traveling is not worth your life hooked up top a machine. Trust me, it’s not.

I still remember when there were Covid parties. Damn fools got the virus easily and if I was the doctor I would say that they wasted a bed with the dumbest person ever. Their stupid. Anyways, you have to be and think smarter this time. They are still racking up numbers of what to come with how many deaths there will be. We think it’s a lie but then so many people are catching it so easily. I’m so curious about what those people were doing. Even before school started, over 90,000 public school students got the virus and went to school because they didn’t know.

I saw a lot of universities talk about students partying for being back without masks on. I cannot with these people. Go home and do that. Covid is waiting for you hunny and waiting proudly. To think that people still isn’t taking it serious is mind boggling. Labor day isn’t even a partying holiday. It celebrates American workers so sit down and watch a movie. People would find any reason to get together and act idiotic. This is not a partying year. I don’t even wanna celebrate my birthday this month because I just wanna make it there. I just wanna fast forward the years so this can be over. Labor Day is coming and that is not a reason to party. Covid is still here and if you wanna be here then you would act smarter. Be safe and wear a mask.


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