Month: September 2020


Thoughts On The First Presidential Debate

I watched the first debate live last night and it was crazy, funny, ridiculous and entertaining. Very interesting questions and answers which makes you think. The whole time I was screaming through the my computer saying “say this, say that. (Lol) Trump is a narcissist person but his comebacks were funny. They were name calling […]

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death virus

1 Million Covid Deaths: Moment of Silence

Wow, literally no words even though I am talking about it. Why did it have to get this bad? I looked at the covid tracker two days ago and the number of deaths were at 990,000. I knew this big number was coming but you never want it to come. This is so sad and […]

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All Lives Matter: Yes, But Some More Than Others

Ever since the Black Lives Matter protest have been happening, there have been many people protesting as well saying “All Lives Matter”. It has not been taken the right way with the black people including myself. There is a simple reason why you shouldn’t walk around with that sign saying in a black lives matter […]

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Life relationships

Why Most Women Prefer Older Men Rather Than Younger Men

Men in general have various personalities which attract women. The main difference between older and younger guys are their maturity levels. Older men are more mature and have their lives together. They are so much more charming, well to me at least. It’s kind of crazy that so many young women want older men but […]

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Boarding School From Hell *Real Lifetime Movie*

Everything that happens in the south sounds like a movie if I can be honest. The reason is because the incidents are always far out in a small town where nobody knows or can hear anything. A man named “Boyd Householder” ran a religious boarding school called “circle of hope girls” for troubled young girls. […]

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college friends

Having Sex While Having Dorm Mates

I will be saying some things but also telling a funny story at the same time with this topic. Having roommates in college can be fun, entertaining, weird or just bad all together. Since being in college, I have had the opportunity to witness a lot of different roommates. Some weird and some that are […]

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*Best Hollywood Movie/TV Era*

I am a movie lover and I love the movies nowadays but…I love older movies more. I love the era such as 40’s,50’s,60’s,70’s,80’s and the 90’s. The movies were just better to me. Now, the horror movies are some what better now but I like how bad the acting was back then (lol). My favorite […]

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Why Is Vegan Food More Expensive

This is the biggest mystery in food business. Well for me at least. Everything that is good for you is way more expensive than the stuff that is bad for you. Wouldn’t it be better to have healthy food cheaper so that more people would eat it. The best example is mac and cheese. I […]

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Being A Vegan On Campus Without A Meal Plan: Tips and Ideas

I never knew what was to come once I canceled my meal plan. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy I canceled it because I was wasting money on a $1,700 meal plan that I couldn’t use. The only thing I would have been able to eat would be salad, veggie patties and drinks. That […]

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Is It Better To Use Your College Gym or Exercise On Your Own

Long story short, it is better to exercise on your own ground. Due to covid and having to be more safe, you don’t want to risk it in a public place. Of course, you have to go through social distance training and wearing masks but it’s not worth it. You can easily exercise in your […]

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