Taking Anger Out On Your Partner And Unleashed Anger

Many say that anger comes from a place of hurt but it also comes from a place of self reflection. Sometimes, many times people lose their anger for no reason whatsoever. The worst part of it all is that they always take it out on someone else. It’s usually a partner who is at the other end. They say love makes you do crazy things but if it ends up with someone getting hurt, it was never love. It was just a mask because the true person was underneath and it’s sad. It’s sad that people go from happy to sad. It’s sad that things like this turn violence or worse. No one should have to go through that.

Violent relationships never turn out great. They are fake to make you believe that everything is ok. It is 98% men but there are also women who are violent in relationships. Men who put their hands on women are weak and have no respect for themselves. They only wanna control someone who is smaller because they feel like the man. I believe that comes from back in the day when men were in charge and women had no rights to anything. They were in charge of making money and having their wives cook and clean. Listen, we are not in the old days and this is not the medieval times. Women are being disrespects everywhere and nothing ever gets fixed.

Why do men hit their wives? Why do men hit their girlfriends? They aren’t even married and a man would lay his hands on his partner. That says that you don’t love her and never did. It’s crazy because there are so many cases and they never get resolved. I can’t even imagine a man putting his hands on me because we would legit be fist fighting. I already hate looking at someone for too long so that would just add to my fuel. It’s not right to abuse, sexually assault or even attempt murder on your partner. Who are you to do this? Who are you to say someone can’t do something? Did you birth them because last time I checked, you guys aren’t related.

The last thing you want is a case which is how most of these cases end up. Talking it out does nothing as well. Talking just means apologies will be said and they will continue doing the same thing. It’s not worth it so leave. Go get help from friends and family. I would also say take it into your own hands but I don’t promote violence. I only promote ways to help especially if it involves a helpless woman or someone in need. This needs to end.


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