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That’s A lot of Cases: I know It’s A lot But Do You?

Everyday I get more annoyed because numbers and deaths are growing. Sink the number 23,134,358+ in your head please and let it simmer. We are almost to 1,000,000 deaths and I am pretty sure it’s coming out of those numbers. We shouldn’t even think of it that way but the way everything is happening and how slow testings are going, it coming. Like, damn will there be a vaccine. They will talk about negotiations to sell it though. Talk about that once you actually finish the vaccine. Everyone wanna sound so powerful because they are working on one but no one actually completed it yet. Russia says they have a completed vaccine but never tested it. Get out of my face and take your vaccine and bury it. They are just trying to compete.

As I look around, where I live and what I see on YouTube and what I see on the internet, it tells me that no one cares. Did you know that there are still people traveling? Where are you going!! Why do you need to go on a damn trip right now? Sit down somewhere and take a bath. Save your money because this is when you need it the most. Stop acting like your gonna die if you don’t go somewhere because your not. I wouldn’t want to see anyone right now. I can Face Time you or call you. You know how I look. Don’t act all brand new. Why are airports still filled with people leaving and going? Because they don’t care. I think people have just given up. You can give up but don’t go crying to a family member or the doctor when you catch something. I would just say “I told you so”.

I always here people saying, were all gonna get it anyways. No, sis you are. Your gonna get it because your mind thinks like that. You don’t have to be scared but you should be safe. That is how you will survive this. I use to always tell myself, where are all these people going on the road. Now im really thinking, where are all these people going except to work. The cities fill, the beaches are packed, the parks are filled, shopping areas are crowded and now you see why. Sometimes I wish I can just knock people over with a bowling ball.

We are almost close to 6 million cases in America and some might say that’s not too many out of the 329.5 million to be exact. Your wrong because now we are about to have less numbers because no one wants to be serious. I am on campus and I am witnessing that. OMG it’s so annoying because there really are people who just do their own thing. For example, my friend texted me to got to the gym tomorrow. I’m thinking, is she serious but it make sense because this is one of my friends that made jokes about covid before it got here. She’ll be going alone because I am serious. I’m this close to going back home. I am actually planning to move by myself soon so I can get away. This is just becoming too much for me and it should be too much for you.

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a college student and I am curious about everything. When I get curious, I need to talk about it. Life is amazing and weird at the same time. This is why we must stay positive so that we can enjoy life before it ends.

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