Russian Corrupt Cover up: Accident or Not

Oh boy, life is really starting to feel like the movies these days. The president elections are a critical time I guess for people in power. After a suspected poisoning, what could have happen? Alexei Navalny was a candidate to run against the Russian president “Vladimir Putin” in their next election. Mr. Navalny passed out after drinking a poison tea and is now in a coma. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, that is scary. Especially if you actually knew about him. He is a anti-corruption activist who has been basically going against the Russian presidency for a while. To be honest, this sounds like a inside job from you know who.

The Russians have history with interfering in elections to get their way. Now, Vladimir Putin has been in office for a total of 8 years and counting. I didn’t even know they had a presidency because he has been in office for so long. (lol) I swear I thought in was in there for over 40 years. We all know when there is a threat to something high up, they take care of it. Now, i’m not saying someone paid someone to poison a certain drink but that’s what it sounds like. What if they knew he was a threat to them because he wanted to change all the things that the Russian presidency messed up.

Alexei Navalny was said to be in stable condition but things can always change. I hope he gets better because I have seen too many movies. Spy’s are everywhere especially if they work for the president but hey, this is just a theory. This could have easily been someone who didn’t share the same beliefs as him and didn’t want to see him in office. People have been doing all sorts of things lately and they have been protesting there as well. I still think my theory is the best theory because it makes the most sense.

After Alexei Navalny accepted his nomination as a candidate for president, Vladimir might have seen him as a threat. The reason is most likely because Alexei has a real relationship with the people. He fought for the people and listens. Their presidency has been going after him since he first thought about running in 2018. Why is it always one way to get rid of an opponent for people. Why not just retire, relax and have someone else help the country. It may not be a bad thing because they might actually do a good job. I hope Alexei Navalny get out of that coma because if not, I guess nothing will change. I said my theory but just remember, it’s just a theory. Or is it.


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