25 Billion Dollars For Postal Service Over Struggling Families

Listen, there are more important things going on. Democrats made this decision for what. There are families that have nothing because of everything that is going on. They are ignoring those people and the people who are waiting for a $600 check that they may never get. At this point, I don’t even think I am apart of this country. They make lousy decisions that only affects them. There is no way you can tell me wrong because the only thing that has been in the news, is talk about mailing votes. Who cares! I don’t want any of them in office. There all bad people. I voted for no one that is in any office. I am not a republican but I am also not a democrat.

This whole election has just been about themselves. They want people to vote but who wants to vote when they can’t even afford to listen. This government calls themselves free, free of what. This is probably one of the dumbest decisions, no offense to the postal offices. This is definitely up there though with the wall. Why would the postal office even fall? We use it everyday. It doesn’t make sense because in 2006, congress told them to set aside 116 billion dollars for 10 years. This is a punch in the face by your government.

Why do we have to take this? Seriously, what is this? Why do we have to listen to them? I hate them and hate is such a strong word but it is 100% the right word. I can’t name one person in that government which just says I don’t know them. The people should come first all the time because without them, they have nothing. The people vote (yeah right), they don’t even count anymore because the people don’t make the decision they want. They have people on the edge of their seats just to be denied anything. Once again, that is your government.

One day everyone will finally realize what’s going on. You have no say so in the important things. They don’t even tell you the truth about everything. The system is racist, sexist and greedy. They won’t even tell the truth about aliens. (lol) This is something that every kid talks about. They dress like a creature that they don’t even know exist or not. All I’m saying is that they aren’t to trust, if you do trust them. Everyone should have their own opinions. To sum up this post, this is a stupid thing that the democrats made and they are acting like they aren’t democrats. They put a lot of money (billions) into a company instead of helping the people who really need it. That should tell you something and if it doesn’t, go to sleep.


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