Crime Against Humanity and Humility

Disgusting, sad, pitiful, non-human, sexist rapists. Some stories don’t even deserve to be in the news because it is just so sad and disgusting. Why give the predators the gift of a slot in the news. They should just kill them. Sounds harsh? What would you do if you were raped by 30 men and you have no rights because you are a female. Men have been treating women like crap for so long because they think they have the say so. Listen, times have changed and they should jump aboard or jump off and die alone. My rage comes from something that I heard that just hurts me to the core. Something happened to a young girl for no reason except where she lives, she has no rights. A 16 year old teen in Israel reported that she was gang raped by a total of 30 men in a hotel.

That is a huge allegation except they have footage but the hotel said they didn’t see that many people in the hotel hallways. They also said that they can’t know what goes on in the rooms. (Pause) First of all, no matter how many men there were, one is unacceptable. All the men in the video were in their mid-late 20s and that is illegal or it definitely should be down there. They shot the footage on their cell phones but they say it was consensual. Shut the f*** up with that because your wrong. She is 16 and they are older and dumb. They are garbage and deserves the be put away. Because of the situation, they have her family with security guards for safety reasons. They humiliated this young girl and just broke her. I also think the hotel owner is in on it because he/she keeps saying there wasn’t proof but they got video.

The young girl says she was drinking before it happened which is how a lot of these crimes happen. They would use that against her saying she was too drunk to even know how many men were there. The sad part is that people in that country would degrade a young child for sexual favors that they desire. Women in that country don’t have many rights but they deserve them. They would 100% take the word of a man instead of a woman’s word. The shame they made her feel because everyone is making it sound like she is lying. There were many people who protested for her to help but many people bashed her online. “Uhh” The internet is a silent killer because people hide behind the computer to talk. Why would you bash a victim who is a child.These people have no respect and are hateful and disgusting.

The thing that is so disturbing is that this happens everywhere. Not by 30 men but women do get gang raped because of nothing. Maybe they were drinking and walking home. Then out of nowhere, a guy who can’t get a girlfriend attacks her. It’s crazy that this is the world we live in and have to be apart of with those people. I never understood why they would record a incident because that just shows what you have done pervert. They want to keep a memory of something that is not human and down right ballistic. Everyday, men just keep getting worse. Not men individual but as a whole. It is ridiculous that women are being put through so much.


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