Is It Really The End?

I don’t even know where to start because it sounds so unrealistic. 10,800 lightning strikes in 72 hours. (pause) I don’t live in California so I can’t even imagine what they are going through including the virus. The thing that is weirding me out is the 10,000+ lighting strikes. That must have been very loud and annoying because they say it started 367 new fires. Mother nature is something isn’t it. Throwing just about everything our way for us to clean up. California is known for having earthquakes and fires so everyone is used to it but they shouldn’t have to. It just doesn’t make since to me personally.

What is this? Man made illness, fires, heat waves and the plague. Wow! I’m sure the movie 2012 was made 8 years too early at this point. This is a scary year, more unpredictable than anything I could have imagined. So many people died this year that it feels unreal. As the map says, around 783,000 people have died. That they know of because they don’t tell everything. That is a lot of people, too many people. I feel like crying because so many people passed from covid. Even though people know the numbers, they still choose to do the wrong thing and it is just to show off.

During all of that insanest, kids are forced to go to school and students and staffs are catching the virus. Colleges are the ones who are ruing everything because these students won’t listen. Throwing back to school parties without masks. That sounds about “Im gonna stop right there”. Why must you people ruin everything. I wish I can say this stuff out loud. “You don’t know the right thing to do”. These people in the CDC are specialized and they tell us what to do for a reason. Im annoyed after righting this. If I was a teacher, I would honestly walk out. My life isn’t worth to dice in a school.

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