Moving Back On Campus During Covid

I am so tired. I am drained and my body aches. Today was moving day for my hall and I thought it was gonna be easier but I was wrong. I almost forgot that there was covid going around(lol) because it was moving day. Today was only for upper class odd number rooms which was me. I thought that there wasn’t gonna be many people because the check in time was 8am-noon. I was dead wrong, there were so many people. I guess everyone wanted to move in early. We only have one elevator in this building so the line was outside because we had to keep a 6ft distance and when we entered, we had to exit using a side exit. It was just too much and would take too much time so my mom parked on the side because they were near the stairs. We carried everything up the stairs and nearly passed out after each trip. My mom complained the most because her body isn’t used to that.

After 3 hours, I am finally done and can relax. I took a shower and now the hardest part is coming, staying safe on campus. They greeted us with branded masks and hand sanitizers which is a good thing. I won’t be going outside unless I really have to or to exercise. I really don’t wanna talk to anyone because I need to be safe at all costs. Because covid is spreading so fast, I though I would see people being more careful but no, they are still doing what they want. Why did schools reopen?

I am so tired of thinking about covid but it ain’t getting better. The young people(excluding myself and many others) have really ruined everything. No offense but who else is throwing parties without masks. I had a feeling it was gonna turn out this way because the younger generations are making it this way. We could have a easy college semester but there are too many immature people who don’t follow the rules and think they know best.

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