Should Colleges Have Cheaper Meal Plans

Meal plans in colleges are so expensive and can add on to the debt you owe. In every college, having a meal plan is required if you stay on campus. Meal plans can be high as $1,700 or higher for bigger schools. The point is that having a high meal plan is useless because many don’t eat that much and others may not eat at all. That just means these schools are taking your money for nothing. For example, I am allergic to many things so I can’t eat much on campus so I would just rather make and meal prep my food myself. I am still required to have a meal plan and I refuse to pay $1,700 for a meal plan that I can’t use. I was so annoyed that I emailed the school.

I already didn’t have enough financial aid to cover my huge balance and on top of that I can’t eat on campus. I emailed the school and they told me to talk to the disability department and I did. They made my appointment for the next day and I got a call at 9am that next morning. All I had to do was complete the online form and send a picture of my doctor’s letter. The day of my call, the lady sent me a form to sign and fax back so she can send it to a dietician. I did this all today so I hope it work. She said that if I am approve I wouldn’t have to do it every semester which is perfect for me.

My sister was also trying to help me because I would just be wasting my money and that money can be going somewhere else to help me. There should be a rule that you don’t have to have a meal plan especially now. Many students don’t wanna eat in the food areas because of covid and I don’t blame them. It’s too risky and everyone is together depending what safety measures that school is taking. This fall, schools should be accommodating to the students needs because they are the ones who are mostly at risk. Forced to go back to school and work in fear of someone catching something. We are still having to live with strangers if those people stay on campus. Yeah, this isn’t the time for colleges to be taking extra money from us.

It would even be better if they had cheaper plans because they are too expensive. No one eats that much to use an all you can eat access meal plan. I barely ate three meals a day in college because I kept food in my dorm and grocery shopped most of the time. There should be a certain amount of meals you should have each week because it would be more efficient the student.


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