Men Were Birth By Women

Ever since the news of a women possibly being in the vice president seat, men everywhere have been getting triggered. Not all but there are some people that I have heard and even witnessed. I don’t understand the problem with a woman in high power. That is how it should be personally speaking. Women are strong, business smart and great leaders. They don’t think a woman can do the job but we gave birth to them. (Stop and take that in) Women literally gave birth to men and they still think we aren’t on their level. I just don’t understand the problem. We are way above their level.

The reason with today’s men is that they want all the power. They want power, wealth, and strength. They want it all while we women just sit back and watch. For example, CeeLo Green made a comment saying “women in the music industry are shameless and desperate”. First of all, how rude of someone who isn’t even making music anymore. How are are you gonna call women shameless when men are the ones who are desperate and thirsty. They are the ones who sing and rap about sex, body parts and everything else on a woman. These men are only talking like that because women are more famous than them.

Things today are starting to trigger me even more because people should just keep their opinions to themselves. It’s not gonna change anything but make more people outraged at you. Reasons like this is the reason why I support feminist. They stand up for things to be equal. Everyone needs to get this in their head ” you can’t live in the past because life is moving forward and you will be left behind”. Women and men were created equal but women gave birth to man. Soak that in.


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