Transforming From A Meat Eater to A Pescatarian to A Vegan

My journey from eating meat to not eating meat was very funny. I use to love eating meat and I was just doing it to lose weight because I was going to the gym. After I was losing weight, I didn’t want to eat meat again. I chose to stop eating meat in college because I was by myself and no one was around to mess me up. I chose to stop eating meat and to eat seafood as my protein. That was so easy because I love seafood. I thought it would be hard but it wasn’t.

I never thought that seafood counted as meat but it does because vegans don’t eat them. That was the hardest for me. I lost around 20lbs when I stopped eating meat. I was also working out at the same time so it helped speed up the process. If you are someone who want to stop eating meat, I would say take this route because it gives you time. If you are having a hard time cutting out meat then I would say first to cut out pork. The easiest thing to cut out is bacon. You could start there because it’s easy.

While I was in school, I swelled a lot due to something I didn’t had no idea of. I just knew I was allergic to something. I went to the allergy clinic and they just said I am allergic to mold and dogs. I was sad about the dogs. It’s not stopping me from getting one though. I still swelled after because it didn’t solve anything. After going to doctor for three years, I went again last month ago and he said that my records show high allergens in eggs, milk, nuts and fish. Pause….I was like what and then it made sense because that all I ate. I used to eat eggs every day and I use to drink glasses of milk. I love fish and I love all nuts.

After hearing that news, I had no choice but to go full vegan. I wasn’t mad because it gave me a chance to get my health in order. I feel amazing after becoming a vegan. I used to find it hard to eat anything but now i find so many recipes that I can use. The world of veganism is really cool. They turn plant based items into healthy foods. If that isn’t the best thing then I don’t know. My journey was a crazy one but at the end of the day, I lost weight, eat better and changed my habits.

My Ex Lover: Seafood


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  1. ITs a grand story. Working always keeps your mind off of foods you eat. You are one of the winners. I am trying to find a secret plan since I have cut out red meat. Still working on it. Thank you for your story. 💖

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