You Should Be Careful Of Your Surroundings On Campus

Many things can happen on a college campus. From shootings to assaults to hijacking to bullying and now to getting covid. Guys, we have to be careful because everyone will be vulnerable once we get back. You should only worry about yourself and protect yourself. Now, if you see something else happening to someone then of course help but I am referring to protection from covid. Watch people, not in a creepy way. Don’t get caught and start mean mugging but just watch because someone might cough or sneeze and not cover their mouth and nose. Then they touch you, it’s over. Im not saying be paranoid but don’t be so eager to ignore it.

When walking around, you should have a mask at all times. There is no excuse because colleges are providing them now. Don’t walk so close to people, not that strangers do that in the first place. I am curious about how people will walk with their friends. I personally don’t walk with friends to class because I like to get there early but others are the opposite. I say get to class quick and get out. It’s not that serious to socialize on the way to class especially now.

Make sure you carry handsanitizer so no germs get on you. I would carry wet wipes because I am not touching no knobs on this campus. I am gonna make sure that I’m ok this semester if it’s the last thing I do. If you share room, keep your personal things like tooth brushes and soaps in a container. Package your stuff or put it in bins with lids. Keep cleaning products in your room so that you can wipe down the shower and toilet after using it. Also, get some disinfected spray.

All of this might sound like a lot but this is a small list to the bigger list of things you should know. It’s all about safety and the safety of others. Watch out for yourself and make sure you don’t catch anything. Also, make sure you keep some allergen pills and cold medicine just in case. If you feel sick, you might just have a cold not covid. This is a percentage of a survival guide to covid on campus. More coming soon. Stay safe and healthy.

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