The Audacity To Come For Us Women

Our, I mean your President because I didn’t vote for Trump is such a sexist. How dare you sir? What is the problem with men superiority against women. We women have come so far to even being in office but they would never let a woman be president. This line that Trump stated is really triggering me. I hate him so much! I hate anyone who think women can’t do anything except be a wife because they are wrong. Women would make greater leaders because we make smarter decisions. Donald Trump line stated “Biden Is Insulting Men Everywhere by picking a woman as a running mate“.

How dare you! Who are you, you freaking orange. To all the men out there who can’t seem to leave the past, get over yourself. This is the reason we have feminist. So that people like him don’t get away with what he says. Trump is such a racist, sexist and any other “ist” there is. He hides behind a skinny microphone which is why we always see him. This is the reason many women don’t like him. He is also a creep so he better back off.

I still don’t understand the point of men not wanting women to have equal rights. Did you know that there are still some men who won’t let a woman doctor touch them? It’s absolutely ridiculous. I feel so bad that in other countries women still have no rights. These old style men need to get in with the times or go live back then. “I like doing things the old fashion way, he says” Shut up idiot. Your weird and have no conscious. There are even men who don’t want his wife making more than him. Too bad because women are starting all kinds of things. You men need to realize that it’s not all about you.


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