How To Be Safe While Eating On Campus

As college rolls in for the fall, you should know ways to be safe while attending. The one thing that has me on edge is the food. Just because, college campuses are filled with thousands of people and you just never know. How are you gonna eat around thousands of people during a pandemic? You can’t eat in your mask but everyone will be around you eating. In every college the food courts are gonna be the hot spots. It also depends on how the colleges will arrange the students while eating. For example, my campus will have seating six feet apart. I am not eating in there.

There are many ways to be safe in the food courts and I have two that are the best ways. One is to get a takeout box because you can cover your food and eat it in your dorm room. This is the best way so you don’t have to eat beside people and your food is hopefully free of anything that they cooked with. If your school is like mine, then they use recyclable containers. These are the best because you can wash them and reuse them. They also switch them out every three days. You can also buy your own takeout containers because they will be clean and you will be more comfortable.

The second way and the best way is to make and buy your own food. First of all, the meal plans are always expensive and many people don’t even eat that much. People like me who are allergic to a lot of things can’t even use the meal plan fully. You can buy packaged foods and can goods but just make sure you have a microwave and a fridge. Stock up on fruits, veggies, proteins and drinks in your fridge. You can also cook using the residence hall kitchen. Every dorm building has them and you can meal prep your food. This is what I am doing this semester because it’s more convenient for me.

This fall is all about safety people. You have to be sanitized very well in order to survive this game. Public schools are already failing at the reopening and that is because they are stuffed and were not fully prepared. Lets fix this and lower the numbers. We can be safe on campus. Just wear your mask, don’t touch your face and wash your hands. This is gonna be a interesting semester.


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