Five Million Cases And A Biker Gathering!

(Quiet Voice) This is so ridiculous at this point. These people are making so many topics for me to write about. We have reached over five million cases of covid in America and it didn’t even start here. This is so funny and people don’t care. How is this possible? How have we come this far just to keep increasing numbers. Plus there is a goddamn biker gathering in South Dakota. (Regular Voice) For what? Why now? Why exactly at this moment these people choose to host a gathering with over 250 thousands people from all over to come into the new covid hot zone. This gathering will last for ten days so I guess I won’t be surprised by the outcome of this. I will say one thing and that is, “if you are there and get the virus, it was your fault”. By the way, this gathering isn’t even cool, it’s stupid. I don’t care what anyone says because there is no reason there should be any of this happening now. Yes, you have to live life but this virus is hopping into everyone it sees and being there is the chance.

Why won’t these numbers go down? Why do young people get the virus? Why won’t anyone wear protection? All the answers, everyone including myself ask but it’s rhetorical because you know the reason. I personally think that we could have at least slowed it down before but everyone has their own opinions on what they think and now everything is messed up. The funny thing is that all of those people ideas were WRONG! You thought you knew and then you got it. You people thought you couldn’t get it at the beach but no, the virus is swimming now because of you. Sorry, it’s the truth.

Unfortunately, because of the increasing cases, people like me who stay indoors, are now being forced to go to back to college. Not really forced but everyone has to go back and now I have to be extremely careful now. I don’t want to get it and I will try my best not to. It’s not fair because life shouldn’t be like this. I feel like I shouldn’t be punished because of the others and it is getting on my nerves. I want to leave this country so bad that it doesn’t hurt at all. Where would I go? Nowhere because the damn virus is everywhere. Thanks a whole bunch.


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