Victim’s Mentality

Victim Mentality is when someone think or recognizes themselves as a victim of the negatives actions of others. When someone thinks they are the victim, they go on this long path of denial. It starts off as lying then next comes crying and lastly comes acceptance. They make themselves believe they are right the more they talk. It’s very interesting because it can happen in many ways.

Most of the time, things from the past can trigger these thoughts. Things from the past that they can’t seem to let go. You can’t be happy or move on if you are stuck in the past. Making yourself feel like the victim is not the answer. You want people to feel sorry for you and that’s why you aren’t a victim. Now when things happen to you in the past, you are a victim, 100% but you can’t stay a victim. You have to find a way to get back on your feet and stay up there.

People with this will show signs of hopelessness, lack of self confidence, and believe they lack support. These people seem to like telling their tragedies to other people. This is most common in relationship problems and those who had accidents. They just go blaming life and anyone else they see as the problem. The best way to fix this issue is to talk to someone. Therapy is the best answer. You always have to remember that you can’t stay a victim because life is a victim itself.


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