Should The U.S Charge For A Covid-19 Vaccine Dose

Nearing 20 million cases of covid and there is almost a vaccine. There are so many sick people, so they are starting vaccine trials now. They plan on charging a dose of the vaccine for $30-$35 which isn’t bad. It’s cheap for most people but it isn’t for others. Especially those who are not working. Of course I just don’t understand why would they charge the ill. There are so many people who are having a hard time so I don’t think they should charge. These people already have big medical bills. They can’t catch a break.

I hate how they are making it about business because that is all they care about. I had a feeling they were gonna do it that way but it feels evil to use money for someones life. Why would you make someone pay if you want them to control the virus. Those who can’t afford it will be out of luck basically. So sad because everyone should get what they need. Countries around the world are starting to make deals with America to buy the vaccine. So far only Switzerland is making a deal right now. Lets just hope it works.

Since countries are gonna be buying the vaccine, I wonder if they will sell to China. The United States and China are not on good terms so I wonder what they will do. China hates America for calling them out on everything and America hate China for not doing anything about this. China might not need it because they are also trying to make a vaccine. Who will do it faster?


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