Personality Disorder *My Take On It*

A personality disorder is a type of mental disorder in which you have a rigid and unhealthy pattern of thinking, functioning and behaving. People with a personality disorder may tend to act like some you haven’t seen before. They may start to have mood swings, attitude changes, suicidal behavior, and suspicion behavior. I am so curious about this disorder because I think I know someone who might have this. Someone close, a family member. This person was in a car accident and even before they was not well but it got worse after the accident. I will explain…

This person brings up the past a lot and seems to start an argument over everything. It’s obvious that they don’t know that it’s happening because they would act like nothing happen after. It’s so weird because after the accident they started to get more worried. Worrying about the death of an animal that is close to them who is young. The creepy thing is that the pet isn’t even gone. The pet lives with them and is perfectly healthy. I don’t understand that because it comes out of nowhere. They start crying and then act like nothing happened. It’s creeping me out. My family obviously know that there is something wrong but we don’t really know. We are not the professionals. What if it isn’t a disorder and they have a different problem. All I know is that they definitely have a problem.

Their symptoms are like the ones mentioned before so I always worry but they don’t have suicidal thoughts that I know of. I don’t like to just say someone has something but I was just reading up on it. If I am correct and I think I am, they need help. No one wants to admit it because the fear of what will happen. Who knows how they would react and they might end up hating you. I don’t really know what to do but I have a feeling things are gonna get worse. I hope it don’t but who knows because this year is full of memories.

Personality disorders are something not to take lightly. Someone can really be trapped and need help and you wouldn’t know it. They probably wouldn’t tell you so you would have to just look at the warning signs. Sometimes I wonder what they are thinking in their heads. They see red and it’s clear outside. That isn’t good which is why they need help. If I am correct, they need help.

Drawing By: Shawn Coss
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