What “Woke” Really Means

Are you up? Are you really up to date with everything going on? That is what woke means. Looking around at your surroundings and knowing what’s going on at all time. It doesn’t take a genius to turn their heads or to watch the news. There is so much going on that everyone should know everything. It’s not just about black or white, it’s about everything. You should know what’s going on with all these virus outbreaks, killings, politics and more. It’s your job as a citizen to know these things so that you don’t look like a fool later.

You can’t act like there isn’t anything wrong at all. This is not a perfect world. Those people are in denial and wanna act like everything is good but in reality it’s not. They live inside their brains and don’t have openings to the outside. Little to harsh, oh well. As much as I talk believe it it not, my family doesn’t know everything and it gives me a headache. They are the type of people who ignores the news unless it gets really bad. That isn’t the way to go because you will be too late. You need to know before they know. I hate when I hear someone say, “Your not woke” just because of one little thing you got wrong. It’s annoying because there is so much in the world going on. You can’t just focus on one thing because that means your the one who isn’t woke.

For example, someone told me I wasn’t woke because I don’t listen to trap music. I’m laughing looking into the distance because how do someone who doesn’t know me like that say that I am not woke. I know just about every artist but…I don’t care about that right now. I am woke, I blog about what’s going on to people like that because they are the ones who isn’t woke. Watch the news people because this is not the perfect world you think it is. I really hope you didn’t think this was the definition of perfect. “Stay Woke”,

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