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Everything Continued And Now It’s Worse Than Ever

How can there be some people that just don’t understand. Not even some people, I would say almost everyone. Lets be honest, everything went even more south once they ended the lock down. This is really annoying because we should not be like this! It didn’t even start here! How is it possible that cases keep increasing everyday. I am getting light headed reading all the news because nothing is getting better. Unfortunately school is opening back up but everything is basically open now which is why we have high cases. Why would someone open up a camp to children when there is an airborne virus. For example, in Georgia, hundreds of children were infected from the covid-19 during summer camp. So many questions.

Children are getting more affected by the virus because of stuff like this. The camp was at a YMCA but that doesn’t stop the fact that they were wrong. Having people together is not the answer. Having people in stand six feet apart is not the answer. We should not be around others to contain the virus. This is just a peak of what to come because once schools open, cases will be dropping everywhere. I’m getting a migraine just by thinking about it again. Trump wanted everything opened back open and here are the consequences. Death.


  1. I agree. No one thought of what the effect on kids if they bring home covid19 & harm their patents. The trauma , the guilt. We’ve seen orphans already in the news. Trump and his followers are not there to help people who lost love ones from COVId19. It’s disheartening. Stay safe.

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