Do You Have A Celebrity Crush

A celebrity crush is someone who is famous that you wish you knew better. In a good way or a great way. My celebrity crush is a gorgeous man. He isn’t even just gorgeous. He is sexy, hot, handsome and I wish he was my husband.(lol) He is the star of the film “365”, Michele Morrone. Oh my god, that man is something. No one should be allowed to look like that. This post will basically be me fangirling over this man. It’s not fair that I can’t find anyone like that. My handsome celebrity crush is Italian and now I want an Italian man.

I never had a celebrity crush before because I never really cared for it but then this man came out of nowhere. It’s fun to have celebrity crush because you can fan girl but it should not be in a obsessive way. It should be moderate with their pictures as backgrounds on your phones. The only thing bad about having a really good looking celebrity crush is that there are some people who want their partner exactly like that. I kind of said that at the beginning when I said I want him to be Italian now. (lol) Im not serious or am I.

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