Are The “Middle Ages” Returning (Black Death)

Viruses, Diseases and Death are just floating around here. Who would’ve thought that it would get this bad so fast. I surely didn’t and no offense, I didn’t want to be here when it happened. The middle ages was a dark time that should not be forgotten but should be stopped so we don’t have a repeat of what happened back then. The bubonic plague was discovered around 1346-1353 and also in 1894. Legend says that the disease ran out of victims and died out. Others say that the smart people stayed indoors while the disease got others. Pretty sure they both are true. That is a horrifying thought because 25 to 50 million people died. A virus that lasted a total of five years and showed up in various places after.

Who would have thought the name “Black Death” would ever come out of the history books and into the light. Recently there has been an outbreak of the bubonic plague in Mongolia China from raw marmot meat. Disturbing, uh… yes because I didn’t know you can consume that type of animal. They are so cute and look like beavers. The outbreak came from not cooked but raw meat. Could they have touched it or did they eat it? What did they do? This disease is not new to China. They had an outbreak of the disease in 1894 where it was first discovered in that country for the first time. To think that this is coming out the same time as another outbreak. Lets just hope this black death don’t spread any further.

A 15 year old boy died from the disease and two other people in China has the disease. There is also one case in New Mexico for some reason and a dog got it. I don’t even know how that happened but it’s sad. You might think, that doesn’t sound like an outbreak but your wrong. If you can’t control something or have no clue how something got out then you have an outbreak. You call it an outbreak so people know to stay indoors while they clean up and try to solve the problem. This is what we are suppose to be doing but no one is listening. Will we have a repeat of the middle ages or can we end it soon? Who knows.

There isn’t a cure for this but there are some symptoms that people had far back then. Some symptoms are a fever, swollen lymph nodes and feeling weak. So basically the flu. That is what that sounds like. Avoid eating raw meat, leaving food out where insects can get on them, avoid dead rodents and preventing your pets from roaming around. This would be a sad and scary event if this got out even a little bit more. There is absolutely no cure for this except antibiotics that probably wouldn’t do much. You would be killed within 24 hours without them. Lets just pray the young boy who died and for the people who have this or those who might have it. Also the dog because dogs are life. I only talk about these things to keep myself and you aware of what is going on because many people don’t watch the news. Lets get through this together.


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