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Is Donald Trump Losing The Battle

As the POTUS, it is your duty to handle things so that nothing goes wrong. Basically so it doesn’t look like what it is now. I know he has to be stressed because it is a lot of pressure. Do anyone know how hard that job is before running? They just want power. That is why a woman should be in power. No one wants a woman running the country but women make smarter decisions. It’s a fact and a real one. Men want war and women want peace. We would have smarter debates as well but that is for another post. The run for president is gonna be down between Joe Biden and Trump at the end of the day. Joe Biden is ahead of Trump right now and it’s kind of funny. For obvious reasons and others.

Let me first say that I wouldn’t vote for neither of them. I can care less because I don’t like either of them but I would be damned if I vote for Kanye. Trump has been annoyed, disobeyed and angered since he been in office to the point that he looks like he is giving up. He is wearing mask and he isn’t twitter hopping much. With the help of Obama, Biden has an upper hand now and it angers Trump. The supreme Court don’t like him and Congress is getting there if they aren’t already. This is what it looks like when many people don’t want you in office. This is what it looks like when you don’t help your people. He was to busy wasting our money on his own ideas and spying on his own people.

It’s amazing what can happen in two in half years. I swear I thought he was in there for about six years. Maybe trump is finally realizing that there has been too much going on and he is finally seeing the results. From what I witnessed, he mostly cared about himself, money and putting people down. I can’t name one good thing he did. He would definitely top the list of the worst presidents but hey, that is my own opinion. Once again, I don’t care who gets elected because they seem to put and cheat anyone they want in that chair. I wonder who will win.

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