California Is The “New” New York

Who would have thought that there would be a state to overthrow New York with the most amount of cases. It’s sad actually because this just shows that no one is listening to the news. California is a big state so those people should be more careful and be indoors. This virus is really making it’s way around and no one seems to be getting the picture. If they did, everyone would be indoors. This is the exact reason why schools shouldn’t start so soon. Cases will keep increasing if we don’t fix this which is why we are already at 4 million cases just in America. California has the most cases but New York still has more deaths.

What is this need to be outdoors when you know it isn’t safe. This is the time when everyone should realize that we are doing it wrong. Now Im not talking about everyone because I am safe but more like those of the 4 million. Is it really necessary to go to bars and eat out? Door dash or better yet, cook your own food. They shouldn’t even have many places open right now. There are some things that someone should say out loud to people because they aren’t getting it. The President obviously isn’t saying it so I will say it. Unless you are working, you shouldn’t be outside. You do not need to go somewhere that bad. This is your life I am talking about. After all these cases and deaths on the news, more people continue to go outdoors. It isn’t worth it. If these cases keep going up, we will never get everything back to normal.

This stuff is starting to look like suicide attempts because many don’t make it. How are you gonna go to a public place like the beach and then once you get the virus, you complain. You should feel like an idiot because you shouldn’t be out like that. Im not trying to say that those who got the virus should blame themselves but those who are still getting it should. Except for the older sick people. It sounds so harsh but the people before didn’t know about the virus that much and we didn’t know it was airborne. We know now and people are going to Disney Land, parks, and beaches and people are still getting it. What does that tell you?

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