5 Things To Do Once College Reopen

These school re-openings are happening soon whether you like it or not. Many states are against it and are trying to stay closed. I also think that we should wait because nothing is getting resolved. Why would you let all these kids go out in public with an airborne virus but I am not here to talk about that. College is important in a person’s life because there are so many opportunities to look forward to. Things are different now so you should be prepared for anything that comes your way. Students who are staying on campus have to be very careful but you can still make the best out of anything. Here is a couple of things you can do.

  1. Choose The Cheapest Meal Plan-( As a vegan, I am very cautious of what to eat. Especially because this virus has messed up so much. Many meat and other factories are getting infected so you should buy most of your food. Don’t trust everyone to handle your food. Having a unlimited meal plan is not necessary anyways because we don’t eat that much. You should now learn to spend less time somewhere. )
  2. Try To Get In A Single Dorm– (Single dorms get filled very quickly because so many people like to be alone. For example, I have a single dorm and will never share room again because I am more comfortable that way. It’s better because you don’t have someone disturbing you and your things and you can keep your room clean. If you are in a double room or more then try to make your own space. This virus is all about social distancing so you should have enough space if there are more than one person in one little room.)
  3. Make A DIY Safety Kit-(It is never too late to be safe. Make a kit so that when an emergency happens, you can be prepared. Include some cleaning supplies as well as masks and gloves. It’s never too late to be safe. You are own your on now so you have to be ready for everything. )
  4. Wipe Down Anything You Touch-( If you are leaving your room or touching anything in your room, it should be wiped down after. This is just basic safety measures so you don’t catch anything. You should also carry mini wipes so that you don’t have to touch any door knobs because who knows what someone else touched. This is very serious so buy some wipes.)
  5. Start A Side Business-(This is a perfect way to do something fun and make some extra money on the side. You can start a business form anything. You just need a creative mind. Hobbies are the best because this is what you can start a business form.)

There won’t be many options as it was before when we go back to school. We just have to be careful because anything can happen. This school year don’t have to be bad. We can still have a good healthy year but we have to work together. As long as we don’t go crazy and overdo things, we might get through this. I pray everything go well. Just pack some mask and cleaning supplies. If you have a roommate, you have to be careful because people are still partying and you do not want just anyone in your room. I would also try to stay in student housing apartments.

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