United States Has Fallen: Democracy Retribution

What have this world come to? Lies, betrayal, hate and murder. Actually we already had this, everything just rose to the light. Some country we have, ran by a man who doesn’t give a damn about anyone else except for himself. There will always be news but something is off. The news lately has been even more crazy and depressing. Nothing can beat this virus but they always find a way to do so. Secrets and human rights have been violated by our leader. United states will never be the same ever again. We are exactly like those countries we talk bad about. This isn’t a free country, this is a prison.

We have so many people who are undocumented because Trump doesn’t want to grant them residency. If this was the land of the free, why can’t people live here freely. He makes them feel like they aren’t even human but more like animals in cages who are separated from their families. Even though we have a virus, that didn’t make him feel any different about helping those people. Trump has no heart and those people deserve better. He had a plan before he became President and he did exactly what he wanted. I seriously think he hates other races which doesn’t make sense because his wife isn’t American. I would be surprised if he doesn’t because he definitely shows it.

The immigration problem is just the tip of the iceberg. We have feds arresting illegally undercover and no justice. Has anyone heard of free protesting and freedom of speech. Protesting has gotten really dangerous since the shooting of George Floyd and everyone who was killed by the police and white racist. Everything went downhill by more karrens getting arrested and more assaults happening for no reason. This is even stressful to write about because my head is about to explode from the agony. This feels like every horror movie ever made.


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