Blocking The CDC From Telling The Truth In Court

Why don’t he want to tell truth of these re-openings. Trump won’t allow the CDC to testify on reopening the schools because he knows the truth. There is a reason why we shouldn’t reopen the schools. Maybe because we have a really dangerous virus that could get worst if we go back. No one really knows why he wanted to open so badly. I can only think because of money. They make a lot of money from schools, especially colleges. I don’t think Trump truly knows what is going on. Yes, he is the President but he is a business man. He has absolutely no idea what this is. This is science. He majored in economics. That is why he is so obsessed with opening and closing places. Let these people who know what they are talking about do their jobs.

He isn’t letting them testify because he knows what the outcome will be. He never has the supreme court on his side. They are always against him because his ideas are foolish. He is a trader and no one trust him except those who he hired personally. Trump now has a chance to fix this situation but he won’t because he want everything back to normal. I wish I can tell him this to his freaking face right now “Let the CDC, WHO and any other scientist do their job and tell you what to do”. It is so frustrating that he acts like he know what he is doing. For example, when he wasn’t wearing a mask when there is a airborne disease. Another one is cancelling the funding for finding a cure. Who is this because this is not my President.

Donald Trump showed absolutely no leadership in any of this. He only made it worst by complaining to other countries about getting revenge. Get revenge when you find a cure. I swear I want him out of here because he is frustrating. Half of my post are complaining about him. Why he is so stubborn to take information like an adult from someone. He is so frustrating that Dr. Fauci started ignoring him. This is a man that the Trump supporters hate because he is right. Everyone acts like they know whats right but they don’t. They are followers. I still don’t understand the people who are still accepting Trump. No offense but those stupid ass red hats aren’t helping you because the man giving them out don’t care. Think about that.


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