Attempting To Steal The Covid-19 Vaccine

Out of everything they could have done, they choose to try to steal a vaccine from America that isn’t even complete yet. Just when I though the United States and Russian were close. You can kiss that goodbye. The hackers are groups of people called “APT29 aka Cozy Bear” Why wouldn’t you just wait until it’s finished because now we don’t trust them. When we (United States) finish finding a vaccine, I am pretty sure they will sale the vaccine to other countries. They would sale them because hey, it’s business. That is how trading works.

Once this vaccine is out, everyone is gonna want it. I have a feeling there will be even more hacking happening soon. Russia and other Countries should be trying to help by studying the virus and making vaccines. Who knows, maybe one of them can find the cure. Rather than helping, they turn to theft. This pandemic has caused allies to be shifted and destroyed. Who knows what to come in the future.

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