Official Truth About Covid-19

This is insane news guys. It’s like dropping a bomb on China and having it explode. I just pray the person with the info get to their story. She explained it on Fox News and she is in America. She said she knows what happens to whistle blowers. We all know what they do. The Chinese Government take care of the situation. Kind of scary right? Like something out of a movie. The scary truth is that the Chinese won’t admit to the truth so it has to be revealed some other way. Lying gets you nowhere. Think about having all this blood on your hand and you are just sleeping like a baby at night. This has got to be eating at them. The truth hurts.

The truth is that the Chinese Government and President knew that there was an outbreak at the end of December but didn’t know how bad it was. They found out when there was only around 40 cases but it got worst. The virologist who escaped China to tell her story to America is said to have so much evidence that it can change everything. Im so curious about what it is because this will tell the ultimate truth. It will shut people up who don’t believe for some reason that this is legit. I wish they would have left her name out of the news because now the Chinese Government know who she is. She is bold because she still wants to talk and she should. Someone just needs to confess because a lot of lives were lost in the midst of this.

Innocent people have died because no one wants to confess. China didn’t even have the audacity to apologize to everyone. Someone should apologize on the behalf of the dead. The virologist information is vital because it would clear up so much. The States are so dedicated to getting revenge for what has happen so the information could clear that up. I just hope she stays safe until then because there are spy’s everywhere. Who know’s what will happen if she doesn’t make. Lets just pray that there will be justice because I feel a strong storm coming soon. Like something we haven’t imagined before.

(Update) The woman who gave this information was jailed a couple of months after. They always try to silence someone but that just shows how evil they are. She told the truth even though she knew the consequences because they couldn’t. They are below us all and they are truly evil. Just look at what they have done.


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