Vanessa Guillén: Murder And Harassment On Army Base

High percentages of sexual harassment in the military are no secret. The only thing is that many go unsolved or forgotten about. Recently, a young 20 yr old female was a victim of harassment just before being bludgeoned to her death. The killer was also in the military but he killed himself after. It sounds like a horror movie. This is so sad because no one should have to go though that. Someone should have listened to her. Women in the military never gets justice. The only get blamed for not being careful.

My theory about this case is that she rejected him so he started to stalk and harass her. He was probably planning her death for a while because he couldn’t have her. Men who are obsessed with someone gets emotionally attached and find it hard to cope with rejection. That is just what I personally think. Vanessa only told her family that she was being harassed because she couldn’t tell her base commander. She shouldn’t have to be afraid. No one should have made her so afraid to tell her story.

Around 80% of women in the military report that they was harassed and sexually assaulted. The military tries to keep everything on the low because they don’t want to look bad but you have to think of the women. They are just innocent females trying to do a job. They are surrounded by tough men who are intimidating. Women in the military always get put down because they say it’s a man job but they are wrong. Women can do anything. Men should control their urges and do their work.

Vanessa was assaulted but worst of all she was murdered. She was killed in such a barbaric way. She was so young and innocent. It’s just not fair that so many young people are getting killed. They military needs to crack down on these situations because it increases every year. No woman should feel uncomfortable and should never go through that. She will forever be missed and loved forever.

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