Lying And Escaping A Sentence By Favoritism

Lying to Congress is one thing but getting off of a sentence because of who you are is another thing. No offense but Roger Stone was convicted of lying to the Congress for the president so how did he get off. Stone was charged on 7 felony charges but on got 40 months. It’s official and has always been official that the legal system is rigged. Do you know how many innocent people are in prison? A lot, plus they don’t get special treatment.

Donald Trump told the news that he let Roger Stone out because he did nothing wrong and that he was an accused innocent man. They played the system but not really because congress are all mad. Congress is not on his side because he cheated them. Roger Stone has been working for Trump for a while so it would be seen as favoritism because they are friends.

Lies, betrayal and tampering, everything that makes a bad man. It’s kind of annoying because he is so cocky and knew he wasn’t gonna go to prison. He shouldn’t be allowed to work with any government, president type jobs. I don’t get why Trump let him out. It was a 3 year sentence, not 30 year. He actually go off lucky. This is a injustice. Trump only do this if he see it necessary. He plays favoritism. Prisons are filling up but he isn’t worried about that because it’s just money to him. He helps people who help him. That is a big con artist. It shouldn’t be like that. He should follow the rules.


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