President Trump Wearing A Mask For The First Time

What a shocking moment to see President Trump wearing a mask for the first time. For someone who doesn’t believe things can go wrong, he finally is paying attention to what’s going on around him. Ironically, Kansas has more cases but Washington D.C has more going on. He should have been wearing a mask but chose not to. By him not wearing a mask, showed all of his supporters that they don’t have to wear them. Which is wrong!

Trump stated that he wore a mask because there is a time and a place for them. Excuse me, when the WHO tells you that a virus outbreak is airborne, wear a mask. Especially since he is the President of this country. Set an example for your people. The good thing is that he is finally realizing that this is not a joke and that this should be taken seriously. He also could just be making a statement so that more people could be on his side for votes.

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