Something Strong Is About To Approach And You Don’t Even Know

With all the states reopening and closing one by one, cases have skyrocketed. Many experts are getting frustrated because there seems to be no sign to an end. The people have to do their part and they won’t. Many still don’t wear a mask. Many are still partying and going into the water with big groups. Are they stupid or just slow? Excuse my language. I don’t mean to call someone stupid or maybe I did. There is no way that there should have been over 60,000 covid-19 cases in one day. Like, why won’t you just listen. Then everyone gets mad because they got it. What do you expect if you won’t just sit and relax.

Many are still going to malls and even eating out. Just door dash you some food. I wouldn’t want to be out and about waiting for something to get me. We already know that it’s not safe to be in big groups so why are you still doing it. There are people who are making jokes about it. People are making bets to see who gets it in the south. Alabama to be exact. No offense but that sounds like some country bumpkin red neck stuff. Are you really that dumb to that to yourself and for money. What happens after you get it? You know what happens, you are a waste in hospital bed that could have been for someone who isn’t a idiot.

Summer is already canceled but I have a bad feeling about fall and winter, basically the rest of this year. It has been seven months and millions of people are infected. Experts warned that if we keep going the way we are, its gonna be worst. The second wave came to early which was suppose to be in winter but Memorial Day ruined it. They were trying to find ways to slow it down before winter but now they are stuck.

There are a lot of waves heading our way and they are getting stronger and louder. We need to pay attention to the facts that is in front of our face and realize that it’s not safe. I hope that we can slow it down before winter because that is also when everyone gets sick and boy is that gonna hurt. Everyone should listen or get ready.


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