Should Nail/Hair Salons Stay Open During Virus

The hair and nail professions are huge but during this virus many people have caught the virus during an appointment. They already have plastic up, clear walls, gloves, glasses, masks, cleaning products and more to keep everything clean. It’s just too much. I know everyone need a job but after one salon gave the virus to over 100 people, it would be a wrap for me. I would start online tutorials on how to do hair and nails.

Safety is the number one thing for your customers so they should be careful. A lot of businesses are closing because of the virus but you have to think “why”. You can be upset that your business is going down or you can learn from a business that had the virus and had to shut down. Im not saying shutting down is better but slowing down will be better. It’s your choice. I wanna say that things will get better but cases keep jumping. We have to be even more careful now.

Now that the virus is known to be airborne, there should not be face to face talk or business. Some might say, what’s the point” since it’s airborne. Were all gonna get it anyway. Well your wrong! You don’t have to get it if your careful. Stay safe because it’s getting worst but we can stop this. This virus is on a mission to get as many people as possible.


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