Heroes In The White Coats

White coats can be referred to whoever you want it to. Chefs, scientist, dentist but I am talking about doctors and everyone in the medical field. Everyone who is in a medical profession helping people are all heroes. The medical field is amazing. During the worst times in history, they were there fixing and recovering. This virus is tough mentally and physically but I can only imagine what they feel. They are strong human beings and will be forever blessed. They may not feel what their patients feel but they feel it mentally.

Tears and sorrow fall everyday in the hospital. Especially since the virus hit. Patients dying and not being able to have family by their side. It is so heartbreaking but they are not alone. The nurses and doctors stay with them and talk to them through the whole process. I watched a video today about the life of a nurse during covid and it hurt me. It was so sad because a elderly man had covid and ended up dying later that day. He had a lot grandchildren and no one could be by his side. No family at all so his nurse stayed with him until he died. It was too emotional for me because I cry like a baby.

One reason I wanna go into the medical field is because of stuff like that. Helping patients through tough times and reminding them that they are loved and will be remembered. It’s a tough career path but it’s also rewarding. They say you need a backbone to survive in that field but you also need to be a human. Knowing that you are literally helping and saving people. When a patient pass away, your face is the last thing that they will see so that will stick with you. It’s beautiful because they will know you were there for them. No one wants to die alone. No one should die alone.

Just remember when you are whining about not going to the beach, there a people like doctors who won’t be able to go on a trip for a while. They are too busy saving lives. They are working against something that they have no clue of fully. These are strong people and I can’t wait to be a part of them. Rest in piece to every medical personnel who passed away from covid. They are doing the things we can’t do.


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