POTUS Embarrassed Yet Again

President Trump still doesn’t get the memo. You can be tried for your actions. This has been a long trial coming because it happened a decade ago. He paid hush money to an Adult Film Star who claimed they had sexual encounter. I would be so tired of hearing about it to be honest. Just get justice already. I don’t understand why things like this take so long. Just because he is a powerful man doesn’t mean he should get special treatment. Now it is worst because he is the president.

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, in a scandal once again. It seems like he wants special treatment because he is the top power or at least one of them. The Supreme court made it clear that it doesn’t work that way. Paying to silence others never work because that person will never be satisfied. A lot of questions come up about it. She was in adult film then and basically had sexual ties with Trump so why come for him. I am not defending him in any way, it’s just a curious question. Trump then and now seems like an arrogant billionaire baby.

What if he wouldn’t give her more money so she wanted to expose him? Maybe he was just acting very inappropriate and tried to dominate her because he has a lot of money. It sounds like a reality TV show. Now, im not saying that paying me to be quiet after a hook up would shush me but that what’s im saying. (lol) I Wouldn’t want to see him ever again. I would go on a vacation. To think that he is so much older, just sounds like a sugar daddy and I wouldn’t want that age gap. No thank you sir.

The Supreme Court has been dealing with Trump for a while. Congress have also dealt with him. I think that he has proven many times why he can’t be trusted. We have never seen a president like this. This is almost like the water gate scandal. The only difference is that Richard Nixon stepped down because he knew he was wrong and got caught. Trump chose to stay and prove why he is unfit for the chair.


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